Information campaign "Imaginagination Made Real"

Digital piracy is a theft

Intellectual property rights protect creativity and innovation

User rights should not infringe creator’s rights

We all know that millions of people round the world will illegally download the new season of Game of Thrones and that is defined as “digital piracy”. It is true that, unlike ordinary theft, this does not mean depriving the authors of their property. It does mean however circumventing their ability to exclude us from its use. We may not like this, but we need to consider that people will have little reason to engage in productive creative activity, if they did not profit from it. And then, what will be there to download?

Not protecting the copyright in some meaningful way is thus bad for everyone. Not least, it increases the costs of those who do pay for it because of the higher price, since they effectively subsidize the use of those who prefer not to pay. It seems unfair, does it not?

Imagination Made Real is a campaign that addresses the above issues and aims to change the current behaviour. Changing behaviour is a difficult job and experience is the most powerful driver in this effort. We believe that engaging our audience of high-school students with messages and activities that demonstrate the intrinsic value of creative achievements/intellectual property to the individual and the damage of abusing this right can set the stage for this change.

Youngsters have unlimited creative potential: they are curious, imaginative, and open to new experiences. They express their creativity in games, paintings, problem solving, and even the outfits they wear at school. That is why we have designed our activities in a way that influences the audience on two levels:

  • cognitive (imagination and originality, flexibility, decision making) and
  • social and emotive (communication and self-expression, motivation, collaboration).

What can you expect from this campaign?

A comic book

Sometimes teenagers violate IP rights intentionally, but oftentimes they are unaware of their infringement or do not think about it at all. So here comes “the catcher” – the brave character who protects talents and their creation and demonstrates what is right and what is wrong. What is he like? The audience will tell us – visit Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for our contest “Protect Imagination”.

A video

See our comic character animated. View creation from different perspectives, find out how to show respect for the products of other people’s imagination and recognize their value.

A quiz

Did you know who was the first to use a logo as a trademark? You can learn this and many more curious facts, if you try our quiz

You can meet us at our Info Stands at various events.  Follow us  #ImagineMadeReal.